FNM @ Home Historic Pauper

Time to put your (Historic) deck building skills to the test in MTG:Arena!
Coming Friday we are organizing yet another online event on Arena, where we will be playing each other in games of Best of Three. The chosen format for this event will be Pauper Historic, a 60-card deck format (+sideboard) that only allows for the use of cards with common rarity (black symbol) in your deck. As such, you do not have to spend all of your rare and mythic wildcards on new cards for a viable deck. To keep things interesting and allow for some creativity within the format, however, we have chosen to play this format in historic. This means that you are allowed to use any common available on Magic Arena, regardless of which set it is from, as long as it's actually available as a common on Arena.

To join the event, sign up here, and meet us on Discord in the 'Table 1' channel: https://discord.gg/K3tx7N8SkD at 18:50.
A microphone will be required, as we encourage communication with your opponent via voice chat. Any questions surrounding the event can be directed to either Marc or Ruwan on the same Discord server. Happy building!

Official Banlist:
Persistent Petitioners  (Not our choice, but we fully support WotC for banning this!)

Entry fee:
€3,-  (Participants will receive a 'Kaldheim Promo Pack')

Assuming availability, participants to the event will also receive an FNM @ Home code for Arena Cosmetics. Participation in this event is the only way to obtain such a code for this week.


vrijdag, februari 26, 2021 - 19:00
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Jorn Kramer

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