Remote Duel: Yu-Gi-Oh Frozen Chains Structure Deck Launch Event.

Welcome to the Frozen Chains Structure Deck Launch Event.

Due to Covid restriction, this event will be held through Remote Duel. This means that in order to compete, you need to buy the Structure Deck, Frozen Chains, from the PD in advance as the entry fee.

This can be done on the Warenhuis Groningen site

Or can be discussed for a personal delivery with Marcus.

The even will be a swiss tournement where you are only allowed to sue the one deck, as is, to duel with. No changing, combining multiple decks or siding is allowed.

There is no additional entry fee beside the Deck and price support will be provided by Konami.

Sign-up it limited to 18 people.

zaterdag, februari 20, 2021 - 12:00
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