The Purperen Draak remains open (for now) (EN)

2020 is a strange year. We started with an unplanned, but very well excecuted renovation (thank you people who helped!), But shortly after that, the reports about the virus became more serious. And now... the strangest period that we have experienced in our lives.

The Purperen Draak remains open (for now), even though the play area is closed and all activities have been postponed or canceled. Not the easiest decision, so we would like to explain why.

1) For most people, we don't sell necessary items. However, in our view we do. Escaping from your lonely world for an hour by doing something relaxing with your family is extremely important.

2) The longer we can support ourselves, the longer we can go on without relying on the government to keep the store alive. Every week we are closed, our bank account hurts a little (a lot). Still, others are in dire need of government help at this time, way more than we are.

3) Our visitors are not stupid. They listen to the instructions of the employees, keep their distance from each other and respect the feelings of others.

(admittedly, we sincerely hope that the third. As soon as it turns out that we are wrong, we will still close)

Therefore, some rules that should be easy to follow after some preliminary work on our part tomorrow:

- Keep your distance! We are going to divide the store into sections. As with checkers, there should be an empty space between you and the person next to you
- Follow orders immediately and without discussion. We prefer not to be a police officer in our own shop, but at this point we are dead serious. You may ask for an explanation later by email or telephone, but when an employee instructs you to do something, you will listen to it without hesitation.
- Stay away if you don't feel safe. Whether that is for your own health or that of someone else, follow your heart.
- Think about someone else. You want a positive experience when visiting the Purperen Draak, make sure the same goes for the other people


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