WirWar and Purperen Draak: two stores are stronger than one!

A lot of our customers already know WirWar and the Purperen Draak are two of the same kind. Even though we are different in our approach to board games, we consider ourselves to be collegues or even friends. No fighting over customers, but live and let live.

The people from WirWar had to close down due to corona in order to prepare their shop for reopening later this month (probably on april 13th). We decided to offer them a helping hand, just like they helped us on numerous occasions in the past.

So we borrowed a lot of the games they have in their shop that we don't normally sell and help customers and them by showing (and hopefully selling) them to the many people looking for a fun game.

For as long as WirWar remains closed, we offer jigsaw puzzles and some of the classic games. As soon as they reopen, we'll happily show you where you can find the games we normally don't stock.

Two stores are stronger than just one!